Matthew Henry was a Puritan pastor who is best known for his commentary on the whole Bible. His impact has been truly incalculable since the printing of his commentaries. His heart of devotion toward the One true God is clear upon every page. His brilliant intellect set upon the magnificent doctrines of the scripture is beautifully transferred to the reader with ease. His personal rest upon the gospel calls the reader to find his rest in Christ with each turn of the page. 

This blog post aims to be a gathering place for quotes from everyone’s favorite Bible commentator. I will randomly update this post as I catalog more and more quotes, so don’t forget to revisit this particular post. I hope that you’ll be blessed by these small quips from a wonderfully brilliant Puritan writer of the past. 

Applying Scripture

“It is easier to explain the word of God than to apply it and make a right use of it.”

Henry, Matthew. Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Matthew. Hendrickson Publishers, January 2014, p. 199