The darkness fell upon the night
His will was tested for the fight
His prayers were rested with future sight
The danger crept upon the Light

The foe approached in full display
In garden bloomed with shades of grey
His friendships withered to their dismay
Adam's terror was upon Him laid

Malicious herdsmen on evil bent
With vicious shears His coat was spent
His blood would flow for good intent
The Lord hemmed in by cruel contempt 

The sun rose high without the Light
The crowd chose vengeance without the right
His judge did yield to rage and spite
The Son descended Golgotha's height

A war raged fierce beyond men's eyes
The earth enslaved groaned deep with sighs
He fought with death and He did die
Yet in three days the King would rise

At garden tomb death lost it's teeth
An angel bright bowed reverently
His flaming sword was in it's sheath
The King stood tall in victory
Upon His brow was a golden wreath
In His hand were those ancient keys
His foes now found foot underneath
The King stood tall in victory

-Aaron Irlbacher