Listen: Silent Night

Read: John 14:1-9

What do we need most of all? Do we know what we need most of all? The crowd in John 6 believed they needed food most of all. The Pharisee’s thought they needed to establish their own righteousness most of all. Simon the sorcerer thought he needed miraculous power most of all. The Herod the Great thought he needed authority most of all. Many people will answer this question differently from each other. How will you answer? What do you need most of all?

The Apostle Philip knew what he needed most of all so he said to Jesus, “Lord show us the Father and it is enough for us”. Yes! The answer isn’t a some-thing, but the answer is a some-one. We need God most of all. Interestingly, while Philip knew He needed God most of all, He was standing face to face with Him, but didn’t yet realize this truth. You see, it is possible, and even probable that we don’t realize our own greatest need and/or how to find “Him”. 

Not many people are looking for God in the face of Jesus Christ, but when God’s Spirit finally opens our eyes to see Jesus rightly we are forever changed by His glory. During the “Silent Night” that the song speaks of, God humbly entered into the human experience without any fan-fare but a few lowly shepherds shouting through the streets the most incredible claim ever heard by a first century Jew. That announcement was so incredible that it sounded un-credible and was quickly rejected as fiction. 

When a person looks upon Jesus they may only see God’s glory, “redeeming grace”, with eyes of faith. How does a modern person see Jesus with eyes of faith? We see Him by hearing of Him with faith. Have you seen Him? Look upon Him again and again. Gaze for a long while upon His redeeming grace. He is who I need.