Listen: Away in a Manger

Read: Romans 8:26-39

Can you see the scene in your mind? “The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay” and “the cattle lowing in the night air”? What simple beauty in the lyrics and melody, and at the same time what a profound thought to entertain. The Holy Creator has condescended, but not in an awesome show of His strength. No, Jesus, the exact image of God, has come to us in gentle humility. He will show His awesome strength, but not against us, and not in a way that seems obvious to us. God has come to destroy the works of the devil. He has come to flex His might through fulfilling the law in spite of temptation and opposition. He has proved His strength by suffering an innocent death upon a cross in the place of His enemies. That little baby came to be near us, to make us His, and to cause us to be near to Him for all eternity.  

Is there any greater comfort for a broken heart than to know that God is in fact near to you? If there is, I would know what that would be. Maybe you say “but what about God’s love”? Isn’t God’s love more comforting to the broken-hearted? The nearness that we should be asking for is His personal love to be set upon us. So now, when the broken-hearted cry, they never cry alone. Their pain is never carried by them alone. No. The Saviour’s love isn’t distant. We are never separated from the love of God. My dear friend, nothing separates God’s love for you from you. God’s love is real. God’s love is not an idea but a reality. So in your broken prayers that you can’t formulate, the Spirit groans in you, for you, and with you. This world is broken, this world is cold, and this world is dark. But in your cold, dark, and lonely place, He is near you. He does not leave you, and he weeps with those who weep.

Our Saviour didn’t come only to bring comfort for our brokenness. Jesus will mend our broken hearts. He will make all things new. Trust Him for tomorrow, and rest in Him today.