Listen: The First Noel

Read: Philippians 3:7-14

I love the poetry found in these Christmas hymns. Pay attention to these lyrics and consider how applicable they are for us as we are endeavoring to follow the Saviour. The idea of seeking the Saviour, and therefore faithfully following something that will lead us to know Him more, is wonderfully insightful.

Three Wise men came from country far

To seek for a King was their intent

And to follow the star wherever it went

Paul, in our reading, is giving personal testimony of seeking Jesus through surrendering and suffering. The apostle to the Gentiles is helping believers to recognize there is a pathway to apprehending Jesus. Are we seeking Jesus today? We ought to desire Him and to know Him. So then, we may ask the question, how do we seek Him? 

The wise men were seeking Jesus, not what they might receive from Him. The wise men were seeking Jesus but following the star. What should we be following that will surely lead us to finding the Saviour? Follow God’s written Word. Follow the pattern of prayer that the Scripture lays out for you. Follow the moral living that the law of God instructs you in. Follow the local congregation that submits to God’s Word. Follow the leading of the pastors/leaders of your congregation who are themselves seeking Jesus and encouraging you to join hands en route. 

Here is our caution. Do not accidentally shift your focus upon the star. Don’t imagine that the star is the object we seek. Don’t think the “star” called Scripture, prayer, morality, church, or pastors is the thing to seek. No. We seek Jesus. We seek a living person. We seek God the Son and we follow the “star” by faith, as the divinely ordained means to the end goal of finding Immanuel.