There is no title I love better than “Daddy”. I am a proud father of two and one on the way. (Jake, Lexy, and baby girl) Our children bring so much joy into Jayme’s life and mine. At night, after the kids are all tucked in, we often find ourselves telling  eachother the funny things that we heard the kids say earlier in the day. 

My son Jake started saying something recently that is funny to me, but at the same time his words are incredibly revealing about the condition of the natural heart of fallen men. The first time I recall hearing it, I was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book and drinking a cup of coffee. Jake asked me a question, I can’t remember his question, and I didn’t have a very good answer for him. I said, “I don’t know buddy”, as I was only halfway paying attention to him and my book. Then Jake said loudly, “say yes Daddy!” When he said that I chuckled as I realized that my five year old boy has a natural desire for control. (He must have got that from his mother, but don’t tell her I said that) Hearing Jake’s desire for control reminded me of my own selfish heart. Isn’t it true of all of us? 

Our natural hearts grasp for control in vain. Sometimes we even try to control our Heavenly Father. We sometimes come to Him in prayer with the attitude of a five year old who says, “say yes Daddy”, and if God decides not to answer us the way we want Him to we become upset.

So what is our solution? We need to humble ourselves and trust our Saviour. Trust Jesus, who willingly gave Himself for you. Trust Jesus who knows your present situation and has been “touched with the feeling of our infirmaries”. Yield your natural and vain craving for control to the only one who actually is in control. Trust God, because He is better than you believe He is and He is wiser than you imagine Him to be. Allow the King of Kings be King in your life.