Listen: Hallelujah Chorus

Read: Isaiah 9:6-7

“Hallelujah!” or “praise Jehovah!” The lyrics of this masterpiece are few, but theologically robust. Specifically I want us to think about the phrase, “The Lord God Omnipotent reigneth.” We sing, nearly shout, the chorus of praise to Jehovah because He is the Lord God Omnipotent who reigns as the Sovereign King over all things.

Omnipotent is a description of God alone. To speak of God in this terminology is to recognize that all things are naked and open before the Almighty. God is everywhere all at once, but not in parts or degrees. God is wholly everywhere, yet contained by nothing. God is, simply stated, beyond our capacity to imagine or fully realize. 

The natural outflow of God’s Omnipotence is His sovereignty. Reigneth is a description of God’s Sovereignty. This phrase is lifted directly from the words of Revelation 19:6. The truth of God’s ultimate and unstoppable reign as King over all the universe is dripping from every page of Holy writ. From the very beginning, God said, “and it was so.” As the King of glory speaks, all creation obeys. He is king. He is ruler. He is disobeyed only as far as He allows the rebel to stray. There is no overthrowing the Divine King. His Divine decree has been made and all that God has said will indeed come to pass. He Reigns! What wonderful truth for the child of the King! Our Father, can not be defeated. We are safe, free, forgiven, loved, blessed, all because our God reigns. We are inheritors. We are sons and daughters. 

There’s no better response to this truth that I can possibly imagine than, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!” Praise Jehovah! Lift up your voices children. Set the eyes of your heart, by faith, upon the King upon His throne and let your heart sing.