Listen: Breath of Heaven (Amy Grant)

Read: Acts 2:1-4

The beauty and the theology of this song is surpassingly wonderful. Listen closely to the way the song seems to connect our own need for God and Mary’s struggle of understanding God’s incredible grace. I want us to pay special attention to the Triune nature of God on display in these lyrics: “Holy Father, you have come and chosen me now to carry your Son…be with me now Breath of Heaven….”

In Acts 2:2 the church in the upper room is waiting for God’s Spirit as Jesus commanded them before He ascended. The Holy Spirit’s entrance into that room is described as a “rushing mighty wind.” The word “wind” may also be translated “breath.” So then, let’s assume this is what the song means by “Breath of Heaven,” namely, a way of describing the Holy Spirit. 

Now, in the first lyrics of our song, we may clearly make out the three persons of the Trinity and their roles in His gracious work of Redemption. The Father is recognized as choosing Mary, and the Son is described as being made of a woman and desperately needing the presence and guidance of God’s Spirit. These three roles are clearly given to us throughout the New Testament. The Father is regularly seen as choosing His people because of His great love wherewith He loved us. The Son is undoubtedly God in flesh, the express image of the invisible God. The Holy Spirit is not a force, but another person of the Trinity whose role is to indwell, guide, sanctify, and be the very presence of God with the believer. 

As we consider the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, we are like Mary all those years ago, staggering at the wonder of God and the great things He had done for us. Our God, one in being and three in persons, is beyond our limited view, yet He has made Himself known to us so that we will one day dwell with Him forever.